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HURTACKER, new project of Marc Hurtado & Michel Amato /The Hacker, featuring "DEMI SANG" into "Electronic Manifesto 2" compilacion published by Divine Comedy records,

cobert details =>


some new pictures

Lausanne. oct'06
LUFF festival

Nantes. april'06
IDEAL festival


Etant Donnés new an unreleased track "Chair",
into "COILECTIF" compilation (a Coil tribute)
published by Rotorelief,


Etant Donnés "Mélania'tears"  into LISTEN TO SOMETHING DIFFERENT (compilation) edited by   Ars Macabre,


1 December :
Etant Donnés live at "le Palais des Beaux Arts" (Lille) into "Happy days des musiques croisées" festival.
Etant Donnés will play about their film BLEU.
Pierre Bastien and Scanner will also play about others films.

Happy days des musiques



11 October 2006, live at LUFF festival
(Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival)

Neue Weltumfassende Resistance, Thee Majesty, Lydia Lunch ...


Sol Ixent booking agency at ...


Very soon new Sol Ixent release with Saba Komossa,
new album



NWR track Drache und Baum in Alfa Matrix compilation
"Endzeit Bunkertracks Act II"


alfa matrix
dogs attack

new remix : Dog´s attack remix
by Exotica in Fiat Lux compilation (1999-2005)


new Sol Ixent remix "you can watch" into "Self -inflicted"
limited edition
last issue of belgium IMPLANT (ALFA MATRIX)

self inflicted

side line

Marc Hurtado interviewed at belgium magazine SIDE-LINE number-50