Neue Weltumfassende Resistance live in Nantes
IDEAL festival (april 2006)


Neue Weltumfassende Resistance live in Nantes


Neue Weltumfassende Resistance was founded in 2004 by Gabi Delgado (Daf) and Marc Hurtado (Etant Donnés, Sol Ixent).


Gabi Delgado, NWR in Nantes

They work during one year for recording their first record finalized in Berlin in September 2005.

This particular work is based in the exchange of electronic music and poetry between Marc Hurtado and Gabi Delgado, a kind of 360 ° movie very fast filmed in the travel Paris-Berlin going and return.

Marc Hurtado, NWR in Nantes

Putting the emphasis in the meeting /combat between two persons using subliminal effects, one give music the other put words on it and vice versa.

Neue Weltumfassende Resistance, live in Nantes

A movement of resistance to be totally free in the organisation of the creation, the idea is to extend this movement to other artists and to found a kind of alliance for the people who work with poetry and electronic in all kind of media.

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